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FastKeys and other apps that launch other programs can save you time and effort by automating your most regular and repetitive operations and storing them in one easy-to-access location, usually on the desktop. It’s the screen edge with FastKeys: Touch it to bring up your FastKeys Menu, which you’ve customized. FastKeys not only executes applications, but also opens files, folders, and Web sites, runs scripts, fills in forms and data fields, and automates mouse actions and keystrokes. In fact, FastKeys can automate almost anything you can perform with your mouse or keyboard. FastKeys also comes with a Text Expander that allows you to create bespoke abbreviations for automating text strings. The complete text is expanded when you type in the two-letter abbreviation.

FastKeys is free to trial for 15 days with pop-up ads, but the licensed version costs less than $10, so it’s not a significant time or financial investment, especially given the amount of time it can save. Version 1.10 of FastKeys introduces new preset commands, expanded user settings, and other enhancements.

When FastKeys is turned on, it remains hidden until you pause the cursor on the upper screen edge to bring up the menu, or click a system tray icon to bring up the Menu or Settings (a reboot may be needed to open the Settings). The menu is a straightforward affair that resembles an upgraded Explorer menu. Some of the most popular Web sites, including Google, Facebook, and YouTube, as well as Yahoo! and Gmail, are among the Menu’s default selections. FastKeys then accesses My Documents, an example desktop connection, all of our wireless networks, and other items below that.

We could drag a tiny digital clock display around the desktop by clicking “Show/Hide Clock.” FastKeys also provides quick access to the submenus for Microsoft Office, System, Applications, and Power. The default Menu entries are, of course, just a starting point: We may personalize our Start Menu entries, set Shortcuts, and manage the Text Expander tool by opening the Settings sheet.

FastKeys is a quick worker, and we were able to run a variety of applications from our menu. It’s definitely worth taking a look at.

In Version 4.21, The Following are new features:

  • Importing text from AutoText.
  • Support for multiple monitors has been improved.
  • Translations have been updated.
  • Several minor enhancements.
  • Fixes for bugs.

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