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Keyboard shortcuts that can be customized for anything:

Shortcuts on the keyboard are addictive: once you start using them, you’ll never want to use the mouse again. It’s a far more efficient and effective way of using your computer.

You’ll appreciate this small software if you’re already addicted to keyboard shortcuts like I am. Hotkeyz is a collection of keyboard shortcuts that may be used to execute a variety of activities, such as opening a file or starting a program, as well as system functions like managing volume or shutting down the computer.

Of course, in order to have access to all of those hotkeys, you’ll need to have Hotkeyz running in the background, but don’t worry: the application consumes very little system resources.

Hotkeyz has a simple layout with two primary areas: a list of categories and a list of keyboard shortcuts contained in each of those categories. You can obviously create as many additional categories and shortcuts as you want, each with a few configuration parameters. The only issue then will be memorizing them all by heart!

Hotkeyz allows you to use your keyboard to control various components of your system and accomplish a wide range of tasks.

Macro Loop (Fixed):

Added a new macro recording component that generates editable *.mac files. When selecting a macro in the macro play choices, an edit button was added next to the file open button. To record to the *.mac file, re-select the command from the default commands or change the macro command from “Macro Record” to “Macro Record Edit.” There are two new choices for Macro playback in the latest version: Replay the macro at a slow or fast speed. There are two new Macro recording options: Keep track of your mouse movements and where the mouse is in relation to the keyboard. Under Settings, I’ve added an Autosave option.

If checked, the ‘last used’ and ‘times used’ Hotkeys, as well as any unsaved Hotkeys, will be stored every 5 minutes. If the Hotkey Add or Edit window is open, Autosave will not save. Hide HotKeyz when executing a hotkey now has a setting. If this option is unchecked, HotKeyz will remain open when executing a hotkey. A setting to display all hotkeys in the tray has been added (when you right-click on the HotKeyz tray icon). When utilizing the Date Mask with the Paste command, the first three letters of the month can be replaced with ‘Mon,’ resulting in 15 AUG 2009 [DATE D MON CCYY]. On the hotkey login window, a pre-user name behavior was added.

When the login hotkey is pushed, you can TAB once or numerous times into the username box. Some login websites need you to click in the username field and then hit the login hotkey, however, if you know how many tabs it will take you to acquire focus in the username edit box, the pre user name behavior will take care of it for you.


  • You can create as many categories and shortcuts as you wish.
  • The system has a small footprint.


  • The program must be kept running at all times.
  • There are so many shortcuts to remember!

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