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AutoIt is a tool that allows you to program your computer to complete actions that you’ve included in a script automatically.

It can mimic both mouse and keyboard actions, as well as click and choose menu selections and control program windows.

When you need to conduct a task on a regular basis or show someone how to perform a specific operation, this program can come in handy.

The scripts are written in SciTe, which you can get by clicking here. However, learning the AutoIt language is not straightforward, therefore you should have some prior programming experience to be able to write a quality script.

You can also accomplish the following with AutoIt:

  • Windows can be moved, resized, and managed.
  • Use the controls in a specific window to interact with it.
  • Create graphical user interfaces for your apps.
  • Scripts can be used to create executables.
  • There’s a lot more.

The application also includes a comprehensive tutorial that explains how to create a script from the ground up.

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