Macro Recorder – #1 Mouse & Keyboard Recorder Tool

With the Jitbit Macro Recorder, you can record audio and video:

Macro Recorder is one of my favorite software utilities for Windows. I use it for capturing audio and video as well as as a companion to Windows Task Manager, which is wonderful for automating various jobs. It also works well with Windows Explorer, allowing it to be used as a task manager or to provide tool tips when in the Explorer. I’ll explain how to use it in this article.

The first thing I discovered was that Jitbit could be used to record macros as well as repetitive chores. Jitbit is one of those wonderful freeware programs that offer a lot of flexibility and features. Jitbit macro recorder is very user-friendly, quick to install and use, and has a simple interface.

I started testing the software after it was installed by running it in trial mode. The application failed to start the first time it was running, but it functioned flawlessly after restarting. I removed all autopilot repeat options except playback and launched the program without any audio inputs to evaluate the software’s playback performance. All input/output functions were active and video playback was faultless. In both Windows Explorer and Windows task management, the software worked flawlessly. The nicest feature was that it worked perfectly with my Microsoft office suite and didn’t have any performance issues even under heavy load.

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For Macro Recorder version 5.8.1, we don’t have any change log information yet. Please check back in a few days to see if it has been updated because publishers can take a while to make this information public.

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